• Teamwork
    Make your team responsible and accountable
  • Reliable
    An accounting system with fundamental qualitative
    characteristics, comparability, verifiability, relevance and reliability
  • Agility
    Travelog’s three core imperatives are seamless integration
    of operational processes, agility and ability
  • Value
    Streamline your processes by adding value to your business
  • Efficacy
    Efficacy isn't just about doing things quickly, it's about doing
    things effectively to reach your company goals
  • Logical
    The logical choice, conforming to accounting standards and IATA requirements
  • Optimization
    Optimize your business to function productively and efficiently
  • Goal
    Set a goal and accomplish it – keep ahead of the competition

Robust and Popular

Travelog has been setting standards for the last three decades as one of the earliest Travel Accounting Software packages with intergrated Front, Mid and Back Office.

Efficient Reporting

Travelog generates reports to help drive your business and keeps track of your accounting and monthly comparative sales reports.

Complete Intergration

Travelog intergrates with the major CRS/GDS providers establishing a seamless flow between managing your clients travel bookings and accounting.

Technically Robust

Travelog has been working across a large installed base over the last three decades with regular updates to keep abreast with the ever changing operating platforms.

Perfect Synchronisation

Travelog was designed and built as a single front-to-back system, making it an ideal platform for retail, corporate and wholesalers with simplification and growth in mind.

Efficient Support

Our dedicated support team have years of industry experience and product knowledge both on the programming and accounting side to be able to help you address all your support requirements.

Travelog Software Processes

Seamless Interface to all major reservation systems

Front Office

Travelog connects to all major reservation systems to prepare travel itineraries including air, hotels, tour packages, transfers, activities and car/coach rentals with a simple import/export interface functionality to produce documentation in various formats.

Mid Office

Travelog allows travel consultants to invoice, receipt and pay suppliers in order to manage their client bookings. These transactions then flow seamlessly into the back office for reconciliations by the support staff viz Bookkeeper or Administrator.

Back Office

The advanced reporting and analytics such as transaction tracking, reconciliations, leisure & corporate sales reporting along with reports such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P & L will help you make informative decisions to drive your business.



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