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Travelog Pty Ltd (Australia) and Integral Management And Computer Services Limited (IMACS - NZ) has set the standard in travel accounting software for more than three decades. Director Noel French, Accountant and specialist in travel accounting listened to the needs of the travel industry and in collaberation with Director Martin Reiss, Programmer/Developer IMACS Ltd, joined forces to develop Travelog, a product that works to the specific needs of small to large travel agencies alike.

Travelog is more than an accounting system. It’s a fully integrated solution that combines trip information and accounting functions of a travel business, effectively and conveniently into one software package. We install, train and support you to use the system with its entirety in order to run a successful business.

Travelog is one of the largest and longest running solutions designed to meet the needs of Retail, Corporate and Wholesale travel agents in the Australia, NZ and the Asia Pacific markets. As an integrated Front, Mid and Back Office solution, Travelog eliminates the need for additional accounting software.

Travelog is compatible and interfaces with all the major CRS/GDS* providers. Seamless importing and exporting of client bookings and profiles from/to your preferred CRS/GDS system, capturing fares, taxes and financial data in order to satisfy your Accountant, Auditor and to meet the International Air Transport Association (IATA) financial criteria. As an all-in-one package which maintains client funds and general trading transactions with multi-bank accounts, Travelog eliminates the need for an additional investment in an accounting system required by some of our competitors.

With trust account reporting Travelog is fully compliant with the relevant reporting bodies. In addition for over 20 years we have satisfied the Australian and New Zealand Taxation Offices with a fully audited GST reporting feature.

With more than 3500 users and support offices in Australia and NZ, choose us for your complete automated system.

*With a live interface to the reservation systems of Amadeus, Sabre & Galileo, the result is a seamless transfer of all flight, land, car and hotel sectors, related airfares and costings including BSP fares & ticketing data. With full client profiling, stored passenger information can be easily transferred to your reservation system saving your consultants valuable time.

We are proud to anounce that our latest version v1.14 includes the new interface for CalypsoNet/Tango.

Product Focus


Our experience in the industry has made us aware of the value of accessing reliable data in vital areas. This has helped to develop a sophisticated product with our business partners who continually strive to achieve excellence. With the challenges of a succession plan, we have assessed the current and future needs of our company and have a perpetual strategic plan and goal with definitive objectives.


The philosophy behind our accounting system is to enter data once. Data transfer flows effortlessly between the modules with the simple click of a button that generates a quote, converts the quote to a booking, issues an invoice and pays supplier, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best, arranging travel for your clients. Relax in the knowledge that your accounting is accurate and reliable.    


The comprehensive reporting facility yields results. The unlimited reporting functionality of over 200 standard reports and 50 corporate reports puts information in the hands of management to take decisive actions to improve business. As an accounting system Travelog has four fundamental qualitative characteristics - comparability, verifiability, reliablity and relevance. 


Power features

Travelog is acknowledged by industry groups as one of the finest solutions in the travel industry. The “power features” provide precise accounting information, visibility, analytic & reporting capabilities and methodology that is spot-on and uniform. The unique system facilitates integration between the Front, Mid & Back Office which makes Travelog the first choice for growing travel companies.

Accounting features

The system includes easy to use accounting functionality with detailed general ledger audit trail, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports. Included are comprehensive sales reports and unlimited corporate billing reporting levels. Point and click on screen bank reconciliation function and a simple BAS/GST report. Also available are comprehensive features such as full client profiling and preference tailoring, setting reminders that link into your Microsoft Outlook calendar so you don't miss deadlines, budgeting and sales targets, an 18 month general ledger that gives you an additional 6 months flexibility to complete the accounts for financial year end.

Every system is unique and can be strong in areas where others are weak. We guarantee your accounting information to be accurate, reliable and transparent. Add value to your business and make the logical choice! 


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