Appendix F - Agency sales analysis & reporting

Agency sales analysis & reporting

Click on Management | Agency Sales Analysis | Agency Sales Enquiries & Reports.

Agency Sales Reporting will only produce sales figures on transactions that have been Listed and Updated. Sales Reports can be produced with up to 5 categories. Reports on details from previous Financial Years can also be produced in this area.

Current period can be selected for full calendar months alternatively specific date ranges can be selected.

Detailed/Summary Reporting can be produced.

Year End reporting on Cash and Credit Card Sales can also be broken down using the ‘Separate Cash and Credit’ option.

Most commonly a ‘Consultant’ Sales report will be produced here on a weekly basis. Further reporting can be broken down using a ‘Range’ of a any particular category.

Sales Reports are either ‘Displayed’ on screen or ‘Printed’ (& Preview).

The DISPLAY option will produce on screen figures, which can also then be converted to graphical data displays.