Appendix I - Handling agency credit card transactions

Handling agency credit card transactions

Where an Agency has used their Credit Card to pay for client travel or for agency expenses, these can be tracked and reconciled with Non-BSP Entries.


Users must set up both a Creditor AND Supplier Code for the Card or Card(s). Where multiple Credit Cards are used in an Agency the Agency should create multiple Creditor AND Supplier Codes for EACH Credit Card.

TO ADD A CREDITOR Click on: Accounting | Creditors Ledger | Creditor Maintenance

  • Type in suggested Code AGCC.
  • Click on ADD button.
  • Use name ‘AgencyCredit Card’.
  • Set to RETURN as Payment Detail.
  • Click SAVE.

TO ADD A SUPPLIER: Click on: Accounting | Codes | Codes Maintenance then SUPPLIER/PRINCIPAL tab

  • Use Code AGCC.
  • Click on ADD button.
  • Use name ‘Agency Credit Card’.
  • Link to Creditor AGCC.
  • Select all Principal Types.
  • EXCEPT for Insurance.
  • Click SAVE.

A new ‘Form of Payment’ must also be created in Codes Maintenance for the Agency Credit Card

TO ADD A NEW FORM OF PAYMENT - Click on: Accounting | Codes | Codes Maintenance. then select the SELLING Tab and then click on the FORM OF PAYMENT button.

PLEASE NOTE: Two separate Forms of Payment MUST be created if an Agency makes both NETT and GROSS Payments as these transactions are handled differently in the Back Office (see Part 2 of this Document).

  • Fill in the Payment Description i.e. Agency CC ‘Nett’ or ‘Gross’.
  • Select NO for the Print on Bank Deposit option.
  • Select the Basic Payment Type as Agency CC.
  • Enter your Creditor / Supplier Codes in relevant Default Boxes.
  • Select either Nett or Gross payment.

Example ‘Form of Payment’ for Nett Credit Card Payments.

Example ‘Form of Payment’ for Gross Credit Card Payments.

Once the new ‘Form of Payment’ Codes are created, these can be selected by the Consultant in each of the Travel Services pricing windows for Air, Land, Insurance and Other Inclusions. Consultants should NEVER directly select the Creditor or Supplier Codes for the Credit Card as this is ONLY Selected from the ‘Form of Payment’ drop-down menu.

EXAMPLE 1 – Virgin Blue Booking paid by Agency Credit Card (Gross.

EXAMPLE 2 – Hotel Booking paid direct by the Agency Credit Card (Nett).

The new payment types are also available for selection in the NON-BSP Back Office Data Entry screen. It is currently against IATA regulations to use an Agency Credit Card for Ticketing and consultants will receive a warning about this in the ‘Pay Supplier’ Window if BSP is selected.