Appendix A - Implementation of flybuys reporting

Implementation of flybuys reporting

  1. Creditor Maintenance
    1. Create Creditor
      Create a new Creditor for Fly Buy s. ( Suggested c o de o f “FB”). Ensure the Payment By is set to Return.
  2. Codes Maintenance
    1. Create Supplier
      Create a new Supplier for Fly Buys. (Suggested code of “FB”). Link the Supplier to the Fly Buys Creditor (“FB”).
    2. Create Type of Sale
      Create a new Type of Sale for Fly Buys (Suggested code of “FB”). Set Government Tax Applies to NO. GST is NOT charged on Fly Buys. Set Type of Sale Reporting to Domestic.
    3. Create Form of Payment
      Create a new Form of Payment for Fly Buys. (Suggested code of “FB”). Select Loyalty Scheme as Basic Payment Type. Link to the Fly Buys Creditor and Supplier. Set the Value of a Point to $2.50 and the Cost per Point to 0.0300 - This is the GST inclusive cost per point. Set Points Rounding to Down and Select the Fly Buys Type of Sale. Put a Tick in the Default Loyalty Scheme Box. Select Defaults for Consultant, Source, Category and Destination. These defaults are used when Fly Buys are given on Debtor Receipts only. Save the Form of Payment.
  3. System Control Maintenance
    1. Agency Settings Modify the Agency Settings and set the Description for the Default Loyalty Scheme to Fly Buys.

      You are now ready to start using the new Fly Buys Receipting.

  4. Receipt Entry and Update
    1. Fly Buy Recording
      When issuing a Client Receipt or a Debtor Receipt a new section will appear that allows the User to enter details of the Fly Buys given for the receipt. The only values that should require recording are the Card Number and the Loyalty Value. It is important to record at least the last 4 digits of the Card Number as this allows for matching against the Return from Fly Buys. The Loyalty Value is the portion of the total receipt value for which Fly Buys accrued. For example Fly Buys are not accrued on Government and Airport Taxes. It is possible to record a Fly Buys only receipt with a zero Receipt Value by ticking the “Loyalty Scheme Points Only” box. An example of the Receipt Entry Screen is below.
    2. Receipt Update
      When the Receipt is updated the system will create Non BSP Transaction recording the cost of the Fly Buys against this receipt. In addition the Commission on the trip will be reduced by the Value of the cost of the Fly Buys.
  5. Non BSP Supplier Return
    1. Non BSP Supplier Return When the Fly Buys invoice is received it will be possible to use the Non BSP Supplier Return area to locate and Match each transaction and then create a cheque payment for the invoice.