Bsp ticket entry

Bsp ticket entry

Each office can set up various Billing cycles for IATA / BSP from the Back Office ‘System Control Maintenance’ area. This can be set to Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly

Click on Accounting | Data Entry | BSP Ticket | BSP Ticket Entry

Please be aware that most BSP items have been captured and entered by the Consultants in the Front Office / Travel Services area. Published fares are automatically captured on import of live PNR’s from your chosen Reservation System (see Travel Services Manual)

BSP Tickets, Refunds, ADM and ACM transactions are entered here. Items not entered in the Front Office by consultants are ADM / ACM / REFUNDS / VOIDS. Each of these BSP Entry types will need to be manually entered in the BSP Entry Window. Exchange, Conjunction, Void and FOC entries are for nil value transactions only. ADM2 and ACM2 are to be used for entries that do not go through to the Sales Analysis such as the IATA Annual fees.

All BSP Entries can be modified or deleted prior to doing a list/update. If an entry has already been Listed and Updated, the entry can ONLY be reversed.

Reversals   To reverse an entry click on the Reversal button when the BSP entry requiring reversal is on the screen. The browse buttons can be used to search within a current open batch.

Note: Can only reverse a BSP entry if it hasn’t been reconciled. If the BSP entry has been reconciled, you will need to enter an opposing entry.

NOTE: If you wanted to view entries that have been Listed and Updated previously you will Have to click on the Options Button and Select to ‘View all BSP transactions’.