Cheque bank presentation

Cheque bank presentation (also refer to the bank reconciliation menu option)

Click on Accounting | Data Entry | Cheque | Cheque Bank Presentation.

  • Entries will only appear in here after Cheques have been listed/updated and Receipts have been put into a Banking (refer to Bank deposit Slip).
  • Select the bank account and click on Add a New Page, if you require a new page otherwise click on the drop down box for the page number and select the required page.

To set starting page numbers – ONLY when setting up a new page number sequence:

Enter the Bank A/C and type in the number in the Page Number box. This is the same number as on your Bank Statement received from the Bank. Click options and then click on Set starting page number.

NOTE* – Once you select the starting page number you cannot go back to a page number prior to the start page number selected. Click on Add New Page down the bottom and click Yes to “Do you require a new page” this will then be your starting page number. Then click on Add New Items so you can match the items on the Bank Statement page. Enter the Opening balance for the first page.

  • Click on Display.

If a new page were added this would ask the Closing balance and date of the statement page. The Opening Balance for the new page will be the closing balance of the previous page.

  • Click on Add new items.
  • Match the entries to those on your Bank Statement page.

As you match the entries they move off the Matching screen and onto the Bank Statement page screen.

To view items that are ALREADY matched UNTICK ‘Hide Matched Entries’ option

NOTE: Ensure any reversals are matched off against the original entries on the page that applies to the month of entry of the transactions.

  • Click on OK
  • You should be returned to this window where you can then SAVE your reconciliation

NOTE: Any ‘Statement Page Difference’ or Unreconciled Balance is the difference between the opening balance - plus/minus any of the matched entries - and the closing balance.

To add any Bank charges or Interest paid or received without going out of the Receipt Bank Presentation do the following:

  • Click on the E button.
  • Select the Payment Method from the drop down menu.
  • Click NEW on the relevant batch type. (This is so that other items in the existing Batch are not updated automatically) Then click the down arrow and select the new batch number.
  • Click ADD
  • Select the Entry Type from the drop down menu in TYPE column.
  • Enter date you want the entry posted on – this should be as per your Bank Statement.
  • Select the General Ledger code from the drop down menu (setup in G/L Maintenance)
  • Enter a description eg BC080199 (BC=Bank Charges & Date on the bank statement)
  • Then enter the $ value of the relevant item
  • If there are more entries click on Add and continue as per above details.
  • Once all entries are done for this batch type click Update. This will then List and Update the batch - You can return to the matching screen to continue with Bank reconciliation.

NOTE: The Delete button is to delete a line you have entered in error prior to clicking the Update button. The Close button is to close the screen.