Creditor maintenance

Creditor maintenance

New Creditors are created in this area. You are also able to modify an existing Creditor to make changes or delete a Creditor that is no longer required.

Click on Accounting | Creditor Ledger | Creditor Maintenance.

  • Type in the code you want to use and click on Add (suggestion is to build the code from the description)
  • Fill in name address and phone fields.
  • Contact Name and title is optional – this is the accounts person’s name at the Creditor
  • Enter Travel Agency
  • Credit Limit and commission rate is optional
  • Select the relevant Ageing Cycle

Return (NON-BSP for items purchased on Credit or Paid with a Client’s Credit Card), Cheque (EFT / MONEY DIRECT / SMART MONEY / BPAY) Requisition – Not used by most small agencies

  • GST details as per example – where Wholesalers charge GST on the Commission and/or the Gross sale for
  • International travel
  • To add additional address details click on the envelope icon.
  • Click on Address type and click on Add
  • Type address details and Save, click on close to exit address details
  • Click on SAVE then Close to exit.