Creditor transaction matching

Creditor transaction matching

To be used for the manual matching of Creditor transactions which haven’t been processed in Non BSP Return.

Click on Accounting | Creditor Ledger | Creditor Transaction Matching

  • Type in the Creditor Code and click on ‘Lookup‘. Debit and Credit transactions appear.
  • Click in ‘Match’ column and type ‘M’ to match or type ‘P’ to partially match


The Space Bar on your keyboard allows you to un-match a matched transaction.

  • Cheques and column. To un-match these transactions click in the match column and type ‘C’ to cancel previously matched transactions.
  • Debits and Credits must equal i.e. Matched total = zero, in order to SAVE.
  • Click on SAVE and Close to exit. Clicking on Cancel will cancel any changes made.