Land booking :credit card details passed to wholesaler as package(non-bsp)

Land booking :credit card details passed to wholesaler as package(non-bsp)

EXAMPLE 7: Land booking (Non-BSP), Credit Card details given to Wholesaler.


  • Complete CLIENT DETAILS screen, either using a new client (Click CREATE PROFILE if necessary), or retrieve existing profile by placing a tick next to EXISTING PROFILE and selecting profile.
  • Click TRIP INFORMATION on left list bar
  • Click LAND BOOKING in the left list bar. Select appropriate type of land component under BOOKING on the new left list bar which opens
  • Fill in BOOKING WINDOW, and at PAYMENT TYPE enter the type of credit card offered by the client. Click SAVE.
  • Click on ACCOUNTING on the left list bar.

Do not raise a receipt for clients, as the wholesaler is acting as merchant on the transaction.



  • Click on CANCEL if the calculation is not correct or MAKE PAYMENT.

Check your TRANSACTION DRILLDOWN. Payment appears as a DEBIT AND A CREDIT on the trip. For corporate bookings where a credit card is used, the same principles apply.






To Enter an Air / Land Package from a Wholesaler where the agent wishes to provide an itinerary for the client:

When booking a package which combines land and air for the one price and paying the complete cost of the booking to a wholesaler:

  • Complete the CLIENT DETAILS screen
  • Enter the AIR BOOKING details – If PASSIVE booking exist in your CRS you can import details directly

NOTE – You DO NOT load the wholesale package pricing in the ‘Air Pricing’ window.

  • Open a LAND BOOKING window through your TRIP INFORMATION List Bar.
  • Enter the CREDITOR (wholesaler) you have purchased from into the PURCHASE FROM field.
  • Enter relevant LAND BOOKING details in this screen including relevant remarks in the INCLUSIONS box – EG; Package includes Airfares / Transfers and (x) Nights Accommodation.
  • Load in pricing details: Per person / Package
  • Make sure that the COMMISSION $ amount for the total package is correct.
  • SAVE Land Booking window
  • Highlight each of the trip lines by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the left-hand side margin of each line so that they are all highlighted in blue.
  • Under TRIP INFORMATION List Bar, click on the BUILD AS PACKAGE icon.
  • Print Quote / Confirmation / Itinerary / Statement of Account
  • Click on QUOTE List Bar
  • SAVE Booking