New booking: air only-pnr in crs-receipt-pay supplier

New booking: air only-pnr in crs-receipt-pay supplier

Example 3: New Booking (Air Only) Reservation in CRS, Issue Receipt, Pay Supplier:

Create a New Quote/Booking when importing from CRS immediately.

  • Select relevant CRS provider to import from
  • Answer YES to any questions and the booking will be imported in approx. 10 seconds.
  • Complete all of the yellow fields on the client details screen
  • Click on CREATE PROFILE if required.

If you need to enter details for a booking AND will be issuing a receipt or invoice click CREATE AS BOOKING button on the top right side of the client details screen. This will automatically give us an accounting code (same as our booking #) and will allow entering of accounting information. Answer yes to both questions.

  • Check to see that the correct information has been imported from CRS by clicking on TRIP INFORMATION tab and highlighting the line by clicking on it with the mouse.
  • f CREATE AS BOOKING has not been clicked as stated above, A Trip File can still be created by the following steps: Highlight, by clicking on the relevant Trip Information line(s) using the control key on your keyboard and then clicking on the “BOOKING” tab on the right hand side of the Trip Information Window.

If the ticket had been automatically issued in-house prior to importing the details to Travelog, any stored fares and pricing information will appear in the AIR PASSENGER PRICING window.

  • To move to this window, click on the TRIP INFORMATION List Bar (left hand side of screen).
  • Highlight the AIR BOOKING Line (Click on the line to make it go Black OR Click on the grey box to the left of the relevant line to select as Blue)
  • Click on Modify in the middle of the screen (or double-click the trip line to open it)

The Air Sectors and flight information downloaded from the CRS are then displayed and the Air pricing Line. If the ticketed /e-ticketed) is also displayed and highlighted in the PASSENGER PRICING WINDOW.

  • Click on MODIFY PRICING to check that these details are correct. If the imported ticket is an MCO or Net remit ticket then the pricing has to be modified to reflect the correct charges
  • If an E-ticket or Fully ticketed in house (not a Net Remit Ticket) then modifying the Air record line is not necessary –
  • Although check to see if domestic ticket prices are loaded correctly.
  • Click on ADD PRICING if the pricing has not been imported directly from your CRS.
  • Click on COPY PRICING if you have more than one passenger with the same airfare.
  • The AIR PASSENGER PRICING screen opens
PRICING: FULL FARE FULL ‘Y’ FARE (Published Fare - for Corporate Reports)
TICKETED FARE Fare printed on ticket
SELL PRICE Selling price to customer (if discounted, this fare will be less than Ticketed fare by Discount value.)
TAXES Airport and Overseas taxes
COMMISSION % or $ Value
OVERRIDE % or $ Value on flown sector overrides

PAYMENT, which is on the next level underneath PRICING will fill in automatically, but can be manually adjusted – NOTE that this information is crucial to getting the final Back Office accounting entries correct.

PAYMENT: TICKET CASH Amount Paid by Cash (cheque, or Credit card where the agent acts as merchant)
TICKET C/CARD Credit card payment, details to Airline or consolidator
TAXES CASH Taxes paid by Cash or Cheque(s)
TAXES C/CARD Taxes included in C/Card Charge
TICKET NUMBER Ticket Number (the 3-number airline code is not needed) + the last 3 digits of Conjunction tickets, if any.

*An example of Filling in Net Remit details in Air Passenger Pricing:

Take Nett price ($1000) and markup ($500), and fill in as TICKETED FARE and SELL PRICE. Fill in TAXES ($30) and fill in COMMISSION box with markup amount ($500)



If the sell price is different to the Ticketed fare, you must fill in WHY DISCOUNTED Box
  • Answer Yes or No to ticket number request
  • Save this windows upon completion of pricing the Ticket, then save the completed FLIGHT SECTOR INFORMATION screen when all Pax have had their pricing completed.
Receive Payment - Issue a Receipt:

Receipting of client’s money is normally banked into the Agency’s Client Trust Account and Client Funds can only be receipted to a Travel Services file number that has been created as a BOOKING

  • Click ACCOUNTING on the left List Bar
  • Click RECEIPT MONEY and RECEIPT ENTRY Window Opens
Note some information will be downloaded from the Trip Number
  • Complete PAYMENT METHOD. Click OK to initialise Payment Details (if applicable)
  • Complete any PAYMENT DETAILS Window that opens and click OK
  • For COMMENT – 3 OPTIONS: Deposit, Balance Payment OR Full Payment

Note: Additional Receipt Details automatically completed by the system – Simply check the correct Bank Account has been used (CLIENT TRUST A/C)

  • Click on PRINT for a hard copy of the receipt OR Click on SAVE without Printing the Receipt
  • Click CLOSE to Close Receipt Entry Window
  • Click TRANSACTION DRILLDOWN to check the Accounting on your Trip and Click CLOSE.

Pay Supplier for BSP tickets

  • Highlight the Air segment line in the MAKE A PAYMENT window.
  • Click on the PAY Bar in the middle of the screen.
  • On the bottom half of this window at TRANSACTION TYPE, the BSP button is green and at PAYMENT TYPE, the
  • FINAL PAYMENT button is green

NB: The pricing has come through from the AIR PASSENGER PRICING Window where the pricing was originally added by the consultant.

  • Click on DISPLAY PAYMENT CALCULATION and a box will come up to show payment calculation
  • Click on CANCEL if the calculation is not correct OR Click on MAKE PAYMENT
  • The line selected for payment will now disappear from the screen
  • Click CLOSE and return to the Trip information window

Now click on the TRANSACTION DRILLDOWN button to see that the payment made has gone through to the Back Office accounts area correctly. Note the Balance of the file.

  • SAVE the screen when completed.
  • Click on QUOTE tab on the top of the menu
  • Click on SAVE to close this current booking.