Non - bsp return entry

Non - bsp return entry

Click on Accounting | Data Entry | Non BSP Return | Non BSP Return Entry

This area is for entering items such as Tickets from Consolidators, Insurance, Rail, Virgin Blue tickets, Hotels, Car Hire etc. or when not purchased through IATA (BSP). This is generally for items we are given credit for as it acts as a requisition.

When these entries are list/updated you are able to run a Return Payment for all the matched entries and raise a single cheque for payment. These Returns can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Non -BSP will also capture entries where the client’s credit card has been passed on to the Wholesaler etc for payment. This will enable the agency to keep a record of what commissions are owed.

  • Click on Add and Type in your Document No
  • Select the Document type
  • Fill in Supplier (the hotel or rental car company etc)
  • Fill in Account Code / Type (Trip or Corporate)
  • Fill in Purchased from eg. The wholesaler package is purchased from or Direct if purchased direct from the supplier
  • Fill in Type of Sale. This will determine if GST applies.
  • Enter Cash or Credit Card amounts. Any non-commissionable items such as Taxes and levies are to be entered in the O/Seas taxes boxes.

Credit Card amounts are entered when you have passed the clients credit card onto the Wholesaler etc for payment. This will then record commission due in the Balance due box.

  • Fill in the commission amounts and Balance due should match the amount due.
  • Click on the Save button and Close to exit.