Pay direct voucher : (Client to Pay Direct – Commission Due to Agency)

Pay direct voucher : (Client to Pay Direct – Commission Due to Agency)

8.3 Pay direct voucher - The client pays direct.
  • The land booking is done in the same way as in the previous situation, except that the voucher raised will be a PAY DIRECT.

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  • Pricing should be included for the convenience of the client
  • PRINT/SAVE. The bottom part of the voucher is given to the accounts person to assist with commission tracking.


  • Note that the raising of a pay direct voucher is reflected in the amount due. Press DUE button in TRIP INFORMATION SCREEN
Voiding Vouchers.
  • Because the agency neither receipts money nor pays supplier in this situation, there are no accounting entries.
  • To void a voucher, which has been raised, go to the TRIP INFORMATION screen Highlight in black the particular land booking from which the voucher has previously been raised.
  • Press MODIFY and the relevant LAND BOOKING screen will open. On the left list menu bar, click OPTIONS, and DIRECT VOUCHER PRINT.
  • The original voucher will be re-displayed with the additional VOID function added.
  • Press VOID, and VOUCHER PRODUCTION will redisplay to enable a replacement voucher to be issued. Then close this window

NOTE: You do not need to save this voucher window again as it will create a new voucher