Pay supplier:

Pay supplier:

If you are paying a CHEQUE DEPOSIT to a supplier:

NOTE: The line will still appear at the top of the screen for you to select when paying balance.

  • Open the booking and click on the accounting List Bar.
  • Click on pay supplier a highlight the line to pay.
  • Click on the radio button next to deposit on the bottom half of the screen.
  • Enter the amount that you are paying to the supplier, the date of the cheque or E.F.T and the document number.
  • Click on pay.
  • CLOSE Pay Supplier window.
  • Click on TRANSACTION DRILLDOWN to check balance on file
  • Click on QUOTE List Bar
  • Select SAVE

If you are advising a wholesaler a credit card number for a deposit we suggest you wait until the credit card number has been advised to the supplier for final payment and THEN record the full supplier payment in your Travel Services file. Trip information lines in the OPTIONS area can be copied and values manipulated to reflect payment amounts. These lines can be moved into the booking area and Pay Supplier window to capture Deposit and Balance payments direct by Credit Card.

More detailed information on this process can be found on page 99 of this Manual.