Receipt/cheque presentation

Receipt/cheque presentation

Click on Accounting | Data Entry | Receipt | Receipt Bank Presentation

TO SET THE STARTING PAGE NUMBER SEQUENCE: Only used when setting up a new page number sequence

Enter the Bank A/C and type in the number in the Page Number box. This is the same number as on your Bank Statement received from the Bank. Click options and then click on Set starting page number. NB – Once you select the starting page number you cannot go back to a page number prior to the start page number selected.

Click on Add New Page down the bottom and click Yes to “Do you require a new page” this will then be your starting page number. Then click on Add New Items so you can match the items on the Bank Statement page. Enter the Opening balance for the first page.

Entries will only appear here after Cheques have been list/updated & Receipts matched to Bank Deposit Slips

  • Select the bank account and click on Add a New Page – if you require a new page otherwise click on the drop down box for the page number and select the required page.
  • Click on Display. If a new page was added this would bring through the Closing balance from the previous page as the Opening Balance for the new page – otherwise it will display the already matched transactions on that page from previous entries done.
  • Click on Add new items

The below Matching Window will appear and items can be matched using the corresponding GREY BOXES in the ‘Matched/ Column to the right of the screen

  • Match the entries to those on your Bank Statement page. As you match the entries they move off the Matching screen and onto the Bank Statement page screen. To view the items already matched unselect the ‘Hide Matched Entries’ in the bottom left-hand corner. NB: Make sure any reversals are matched off against the original entries on the page that applies to the month of entry of the transactions.
  • Click on OK
  • Ensure Closing Balance matches that of your Bank Statement.
  • The unreconciled balance is the difference between the opening balance plus/minus the matched entries and the closing balance.