Send supplier booking requests

Send supplier booking requests


Booking request

The Booking Request button allows a standard document to be printed, faxed or e- mailed to any given suppliers or creditors and would normally include related client and booking information required by these suppliers.


When this window opens you can select the relevant Supplier (or Creditor) the request is to be sent to. This will automatically select relevant trip line associated with the supplier to be included in the request

To send this request in a PDF Format you can ‘Preview’ the booking request, then select the ‘Export to PDF option’ via Microsoft Mail (MAPI). Alternatively you can export to ‘Application’ which will open the document in a PDF reader where you can normally ‘Attach’ the document to an e-mail message.
Note: Room listings and other relevant comments about bookings can be added to the Travel Services file as a ‘Remark’ and these Remarks can then be ‘Selected’ to appear on your supplier’s Booking Request.

E-mail versions will default to the selected supplier / creditor email address if this is setup against the relevant code(s).


Departure tax

This feature does not apply in Australia and is currently used by N.Z users only


Quick transfer

This area is used for transfer services frequently used incurring a fixed supplier charge and will allow you to record Payments to Suppliers in your ‘Pay Supplier’ or ‘Quick Completion’ Accounting areas.



Service fees

This area is designed to capture Service Fees charged by THE AGENCY. These can also be loaded from shortcut buttons in the ‘Flight Sector’ screen or from within any ‘Land Booking’ window.

If you have Service Fees that need to be paid to other suppliers then you should NOT be using this icon for those Service Fee types. Supplier Service Fees are accessible under the OTHER INCLUSIONS button available from the Left list bar.

The MANAGEMENT /SERVICE FEE below corresponds to the Agency Service Fees also raised under OTHER INCLUSIONS however this is a much quicker way of loading the Service Fees charged by your agency.



4. Notes

Pressing the NOTES List Bar will access a free text entry area where notations about the particular Trip can be stored.


These notes would, for example, allow multiple consultants working on the same booking file, a common communication avenue.

Users can also copy/paste text from Fare or Booking information including from PNRs into this Window
The Consultant Checklist area is now also integrated within the notes window

Calender items

The following applications in the ‘NOTES’ area are only available if Microsoft ‘Outlook’ is installed on your PC



Checklist & Calender integration

Additional NOTES can be added to your booking file using the Contact Area above the ‘Checklist’ By ticking/selecting the ‘Set Reminder in Outlook’ Option plus the ‘Follow Up in # Days’ field, this will open a ‘Chase Up’ window from ‘MS Outlook’.


To add any of the individual checklist items to your MS Outlook calendar, click the small calendar icon to the right of the date fields.



5. Accounting

Click on ACCOUNTING and the following Icons will become accessible down the left-side List Bar:


Transaction drilldown

Click on TRANSACTION DRILLDOWN to access all accounting records for a particular trip. In particular, it is possible to see receipts taken from the client; invoices raised for a corporate client and monies paid out to suppliers. A consultant should aim to have the file showing a balance of zero in the drilldown when completed.


  • A Drilldown showing a MINUS figure means the booking is in CREDIT and has funds AVAILIABLE.
  • Any outstanding amount will appear in a RED BOX Any reversals and credit notes will be displayed.
  • FULL VIEW: Will give a full view of debits & credits Notice that in FULL VIEW, DOCUMENT TYPE & ENTRY TYPE is displayed.
  • SPLIT VIEW: Will give a split full view with debits on the left & credits on the right of the screen (see below)

Scroll Buttons / Bars: Scroll Right or Left for more details of each transaction


Clicking COMMISSION: will give details of the following:

  1. Gross Trip Value
  2. Nett Gross
  3. Commission
  4. Yield/Margin
  5. Non Commissionable Amount

DETAILED: Provides an extra line with details such as Suppliers, Payment Types and Pax Names.


Further deatails of the transaction drilldown:
  • A payment made by credit card is shown as a debit and credit amount on the trip
  • Any other type of payment is shown as a debit amount on the trip
  • Note that in the case of discounts, drilldown is not accurate until after updating of relevant data
  • GREEN LINES: The Green Lines means they have been NOT been
  • LISTED & UPDATED by the Office Manager or Administrator
  • YELLOW LINES: The Yellow Lines have been LISTED & UPDATED
  • by the Office Manager or Accounts Administrator
  • Press note button to access REMARK ENTRY for trip. The consultant can record any accounting note about the trip. For example, it could be used to tell the System Administrator why the file is out of balance and what is being done to clear it, or if any amounts need to be written off.
  • Pressing the Preview button allows a view of the CLIENT LEDGER
  • Removing the tick from INCLUDE NON-UPDATED TRANSACTIONS will only allow the display of updated transactions, which relate to that particular trip file.



For the Receipting of client funds that would be banked into an Agency’s Trust or Travel Account.


NOTE: It is only possible to receipt money to a file that has been turned into a booking. For money being held on file you will need to fill in Client Details screen (New Booking) and click on the CREATE AS BOOKING button.

1. Client trip (Client Funds)

The TRIP ACCOUNT CODE will normally default to the currently open Trip/Client Account if you started the receipt from the client’s Travel Services file. Press the BROWSE button to access the CLIENT TRIP BROWSE to add or recall a receipt for a different trip.


  • RECEIPT NUMBER will be automatically generated when receipt is printed/saved
  • RECEIPT DATED will default to the current date
  • BANK ACCOUNT - Make sure the correct bank account is used
  • PASSENGER NAME will default to the TRIP/CLIENT NAME. Alternative names can be chosen from the drop down list
  • Select PAYMENT METHOD from the drop down list. Click OK to initialised Payment Details (if applicable)
  • Complete any Payment Details Window that opens & click OK
  • COMMENT should be used. It will be printed on Receipt and is useful for Back Office reconciliations.
  • PAYMENT DESCRIPTION must be selected from the drop down list.
  • OTHER COMMENT may be chosen from one of the standard codes listed. (Normally left blank)
  • SAVE or PRINT (if required)


NOTE: When a receipt is printed it is automatically saved.

If the receipt has ‘Multiple forms of payment’ or is to be ‘Split’ between Trips, click in the relevant box and then click on save. Repeat the steps above to complete total amount received.

When completing the last part of the Receipt Entry, ensure you remove the tick from the ‘Multi Form of Payment’ or “Split between Trips’ boxes before clicking on save.

Flybuys & Loyalty schemes


Two Ways to Find/Retrieve a Receipt


NOTE - Once a List & Update* has been completed you are no longer able to Browse for a Receipt in the Receipt Entry Window *(The List & Update is where Transactions are posted from the Front Office into the Back Office Accounting Area)

Enter Receipt Number in RECEIPT NUMBER Box (required receipt must be in the current batch - updated receipts will not be available in Front Office Receipt Windows) Click CANCEL in RECEIPT ENTRY Window & Answer YES and then Search via BROWSE arrows

Reversing receipts
NOTE – This can be done if receipts have been Updated but not yet banked (reconciled) if your Username will allow it


  • If the original payment has been made incorrectly and this needs to be corrected the original payment needs to be reversed. (NOTE: A receipt cannot be modified once it has been printed orsaved). The corrections are then made and the new entry is paid again. Click RECEIPT MONEY (Must be a Booking), then click CANCEL.
  • Click the BROWSE arrows on the Bottom Left Until you Display the Applicable Receipt
  • Click REVERSAL Button. Note
  • Comment Box will Show Reversal of Receipt Number. Answer yes.
  • Click ADD. Re-Issue a New Receipt, and Click PRINT.
  • Click CLOSE to Return to Trip Information. Check TRANSACTION DRILLDOWN & Close
Multiple & Split payment receipting

Issue a Multiple Form of Payment Receipt


  • Click this box if you have more than one form of payment eg. Cheque & Visa
  • There is NO LIMIT to the Number of Multiple Forms of Payment
  • Place a tick in MULTIPLE FORM OF PAYMENT Box
  • Enter details of first and successive forms of payment
  • Select the SAVE button to save this portion of your receipt

BEFORE the last form of payment is entered, REMOVE TICK from the MULTIPLE FORM OF PAYMENT area which will allow you to fill in details for the last form of payment. Choose Print or Save to save the Receipt without Printing

Issue a Receipt for payment of Multiple Trips


  • Click this box if you have one form of Payment split between two different Trip Numbers.
  • Place a tick in SPLIT BETWEEN TRIPS
  • Enter details for the first trip number and SAVE
  • Remove tick from SPLIT BETWEEN TRIPS and complete details of the second trip & PRINT.
'Back office' receipting for consultants:
Supplier Receipts (Commission Voucher)

This function will only be accessible to the consultant if previously set up by administrator and is to be


used when receiving a cheque from a Hotel, Car Hire Company etc for which the Agency has raised a Voucher for a client who has Paid Direct or had charges Billed Back to them. This will be the commission due against the raised voucher


Click on ADD and then click on the Browse Button next to the Commission Voucher box

NOTE: Should an error message occur that says the Account Code does not exist, you will need to check that the code has been added through General Ledger Maintenance, if not - the code needs to be added or it may be that the account is set to Administrator use only, in which case you will need to be signed in as the System Administrator or have rights in the system.


The following voucher matching window should appear when you can make different selections to find vouchers matching commission payments.









Supplier Receipts

For bookings where clients have PAID DIRECT to the Hotel / Car / Supplier direct for services the agency is awaiting commission, the Creditor to select in most cases be ‘DIRECT CREDITORS’. Any relevant Suppliers would then be available for selection from the Supplier Drop Down boxes



  1. Select ’Sorted By’ clicking the relevant option (normally by Voucher or PAX Name)
  2. Select the Creditor by clicking the down arrow then select the relevant Arrival
  3. from/to date to narrow down the search criteria to make it easier to locate the relevant vouchers.
  4. Select your Starting and Ending Suppliers to see unpaid commission/vouchers
  5. Click Search which will then give you a listing of all unpaid commissions
  6. If you scroll to the right of this windows you will see the passenger name details
  7. Click on the amount to match & then Right-Mouse Click & select Match Voucher


Complete the window details with relevant information and then click on Save




Original comm.

Defaults from Voucher if pricing was complete in Land Booking Window

Amount paid

defaults to the same amount as in the Original Commission box. This can be changed before saving to the value of any payment received from Suppliers

Match as

If the amount is paid in Full then select the button Full. If this is a Part payment click the button for Part so that it is selected. Part payment may apply where the Supplier has only paid for 1 night’s accommodation and it should be for 2 nights’ accommodation. The balance will then remain as outstanding.

Yellow boxes

defaults from the voucher and can be changed

Ticketed fare

- defaults from the voucher if the pricing was entered in the Land Booking screen. This can be changed based on the actual commission received.

Offered fare

- defaults from the voucher if this window was completed in Land Booking OFFERED – This is the reason for the Offered Fare not having been accepted by the customer CLASS OF TICKET – Applies to vouchers created for an Airline Only

Days away

– This information flow to Back Office for the Corporate Reporting functions

The matched voucher amounts now appear on the Right Side in the Selected Vouchers box.


  1. Click on Ok to save the details matched. Click Close if you need to cancel the matching
  2. Now select the Payment Method and complete the payment details
  3. Make sure the Receipt Dated field and the Bank Account used are correct
  4. Cick Save and the receipt will split if you have matched more than one voucher to the total value the cheque received.

** To remove an incorrect matching in this area, simply right-click with your mouse on matched amounts to the right of the Voucher Payment Selection window **

Other commission - Mainly used for Credit Card Commission Payments

To be used when receipting other commission that is not received from a voucher being generated, such as commission from a Wholesaler for payments made direct to them with the client’s credit card.


  • Click on ADD & click OTHER COMMISSION
  • Click on UPDATE NON-BSP CREDITOR button
  • Fill in SUPPLIER NAME and CREDITOR Code any original Non BSP entry would have gone to.
  • Make sure the RECEIPT DATED is correct for the entry.
  • BANK ACCOUNT will default – check this is the correct Bank Account
  • COMMENT is optional however suggest using original booking number(s) as the
  • comment
  • Fill in the AMOUNT TO BANK and also your
  • If the receipt is ‘split between trips’ click in SPLIT RECEIPT box and repeat above steps. Remember to remove the tick from the split box for the last entry.
  • SAVE or PRINT (if required)

Note: When a receipt is printed it is also automatically saved.

When these entries are list/updated the amount that has been receipted will then appear in Non BSP Supplier Return area matching amounts due.

Refer to Non-BSP Supplier Return for further details.
Supplier - Refund


  • Click on ADD and on REFUND
  • Fill in the ACCOUNT CODE (Trip or Corporate)
  • SOURCE, CATEGORY, TYPE OF SALE, CONSULTANT CODE should come through from the Trip code (Travel Services Booking #) that is selected. Use browse Key if Trip Number unknown.
  • Fill in SUPPLIER NAME, CREDITOR CODE (use browse boxes if necessary)
  • Make sure the RECEIPT DATED and the BANK ACCOUNT are correct
  • COMMENT is optional
  • Fill in COMMISSION RECALL, the amount of commission you made on the original sale
  • If applicable, enter in any NON- COMMISSION amounts paid out on the original sale to supplier
  • Fill in SUPPLIER CNX FEE. That is any cancellation fees charged by wholesaler, hotel etc.
  • ORIGINAL SALE TOTAL will calculate based on amounts entered in the previous boxes.
  • DISCOUNT GIVEN and OUR CNX CHARGE (where applicable). Remember to select the relevant Type of Sale from the drop down menu to the right of this area – Normally ‘Service Fees’ for Cancellations.Check the amount you are refunding to your client matches CLIENT REFUND AMT
  • If this receipt is split between trips repeat above steps.
Remember to remove the tick from Split Receipt box on the last part of the entry before saving.
  • SAVE or PRINT (if applicable)

Note: When a receipt is printed it is automatically saved as well.

Corporate / Debtor Receipts


  • Click on the ADD Button
  • Fill in CORPORATE ACCOUNT CODE (use Browse & Select if need be)
  • Click on Browse box by PAYMENT OF INVOICE NO.. This will bring up DEBTOR INVOICE MATCHING window.
  • Select the invoice being paid and click in the last column – MATCHED.
  • Type ‘M’ if paying the invoice in full or ‘P’ if partially paying invoices then type MATCHED AMOUNT
  • Once you’ve selected or ‘MATCHED’ all invoices being paid with this Receipt click on OK.

This takes you back to the RECEIPT ENTRY screen


  • Fill in the selected PAYMENT METHOD
  • COMMENT is optional
  • AMOUNT RECEIVED will have defaulted from the matching of your invoices
  • Ensure the RECEIPT DATED and the BANK ACCOUNT are correct
  • Click on SAVE

NOTE: Clicking the Print button will automatically SAVE your receipt entry