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Robust and Popular

Travelog has been setting standards for the last three decades as one of the earliest Travel Accounting Software packages with intergrated Front, Mid and Back Office...

Efficient Reporting

Travelog generates reports to help drive your business and keeps track of your accounting and monthly comparative sales reports...

Complete Intergration

Travelog intergrates with the major CRS/GDS providers establishing a seamless flow between managing your clients travel bookings and accounting...

Technically Robust

Travelog has been working across a large install base over the last three decades with regular updates to keep abreast with the ever changing operating platforms...

Perfect Synchronisation

Travelog was designed and built as a single front-to-back system, making it an ideal platform for retail, corporate and wholesalers with simplification and growth in mind...

Efficient Support

Our dedicated support team have years of industry experience and product knowledge both on the programming and accounting side to be able to help you address all your support requirements...




Key Features



  • Integrated Front, Mid & Back Office
  • Interfaces with Amadeus, Sabre & Galileo
  • Interfaces with CalypsoNet & ResWorld
  • Integrated Wholesale Rates Module
  • Efficient client profiling
  • Easy processing of agency credit cards
  • Handles service fees & loyalty points


Achieve Quality Standards

  • Achieves industry standards
  • IATA client trust funds compliant
  • Strong accounting principals


  • Suitable for agencies with 1 to 50 users
  • Add licenses as you grow

Agency Management Tools

  • Single/Multi-branch accounting
  • Handles multi-bank accounts
  • Client funds reconciliation
  • Consultant remuneration report
  • Agency sales & commission tracking
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Cash receipt audit trails

Manage Commercials

  • Free system upgrades during life of lease



  • Client/Server based architecture
  • Online program updates
  • Cloud compatibility
  • Parallels desktop for Mac

Productivity & Client Reporting Tools

  • Fully integrated General Ledger
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
  • Subsidiary ledger reports
  • Daily banking and bank reconciliations
  • Document export to e-mail, word, excel or pdf
  • Forward booking reports
  • Audit trail for GST/BAS reporting
  • Prism reporting for corporate agencies
  • Quick links drill-down to data entry transactions

Efficient Support

  • 1800 Helpdesk Support
  • One-on-one training






Front Office

The Travel Services module interfaces seamlessly to your chosen CRS/GDS System providing a single point of entry to maintain all Air, Land, Insurance and Sundry charges like service fees, required to complete a booking. Full client documentation is also a standard feature together with supplier payments with a mere click of a button, along with client transactions and on-screen booking history.

Travelog’s Travel Services module is used for quality control for such functions as ensuring reservations are formatted properly, checks for accounting accuracy with supplier payments and receipting funds. It ensures the accountability of a consultant with passenger bookings. It allows Managers and Owners to monitor virtually any information processed in the Front Office/Travel Services passenger records. Client details also creates opportunities for customer relationship management.

Accounting transactions processed by the consultant form part of the Mid Office process. Travel consultants can view their transactions easily to manage and balance their trip files, which is one of the fundamentals of a Travel Agency. Mid-office automation is key to increasing productivity.





Back Office

The integrated General Ledger eliminates the need to run separate accounting systems e.g.; MYOB, Quickbooks,Xero etc. Entries made in the Travel Services module flows seamlessly into the back office updating the General Ledger, sales reports and GST report. Aged history and budget comparisons are standard features. The system can be set to either Transaction Date or Departure Date Accounting. Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports with subsidiary ledger reporting for Debtors, Creditors (IATA BSP & NON-BSP) and Client.

Travelog gives you the ability to setup multiple bank accounts including a Trust Account for IATA agents and Trading accounts or any other account the agent see fit to operate. All customer monies received for travel services are deemed to be held in trust to be used only for the purchase of the travel services contracted for by the customer when the booking is accepted and the payment received.

Bank reconciliations are easy to operate and manage, giving you bank statement balances as well as cash book balances. Reports must also disclose the reconciliation of customer funds compared to trust bank balances.



Client Profiling

Client Profiles can be maintained allowing preferred and non-preferred suppliers to be entered along with their rates and requirements. An unlimited number of passengers can be attached to one profile with their own preference and payment history attached. A quick enquiry is provided for client history including Receipt and Payment details.

The long-term success of every business depends on strong long-lasting relationships. If you want to be known as the agent who automatically creates each trip to the clients personal preference than Travelog is the way to go. Travelog gives you instant access to your client profiles including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, past travel information, preferences, frequent flyer memberships and more.






Wholesale Rates Module

Released at select sites since late 2005, Travelog’s Wholesale module has the ability to store Supplier Rates for easy access by Travel Consultants. This feature includes easy to use foreign currency commission converters. This allows users to select supplier rates and provide client documentation quickly and easily when used in conjunction with Travelog's ‘Travel Services’ module.

Wholesale rates include transportation arrangements for air, train, car, hotel, transfers and resort reservations, cruise packages or specialised tour packages such as eco-tours, city tours, customised exclusive tours, senior travel, corporate travel or student travel to set your business apart from other travel agencies. Package rates for group tours, individuals joining groups etc. can be set within Travelog to give the Travel Consultant instant access.