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What Our Clients Say

Choose Travelog for a worry free existence


"China Bestours has used Travelog for more than 10 years. I personally think Travelog is a travel accounting system for those who don’t know much about the accounting. A lot of functions (Daily banking, Cheque payment, BSP, Non-BSP etc.) but very easy to use. For a small business, it is so easy to do the BAS Form, GST report each time. At the beginning I used another accounting agent for our company annual tax return but I feel my life much easier after switching this to Travelog. What I like Travelog not only the system but also very much the team, every time when I have questions or need solution, Noel, Sharon… act so quick to help me out. As the owner of the business, after so many years’ experience of using this system, I really like to recommend Travelog to all travel agents."
Jimmy Liu – Director


"Travelog helps to streamline our back office procedures so we can concentrate on what we do best - selling travel."
Natalie Montgomery – Director



"Travelog is a complete system which handles everything, front and back office and no offloads to any other accounting system, which is required by many other travel software packages. You stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors we deal with, as far as quality of the product, cost effectiveness, quality of support and knowledge of the product. May we also add that it’s been the best decision we have ever made in using your sister company for our accounting services, to handle our BAS/GST, year-end published accounts and company tax returns - your advice is invaluable."
Jacqueline Neilson & Rachael Morgan – Directors



"We have been using Travelog World for Windows since the introduction of GST in 2000. We were attracted to Travelog initially because it was developed in New Zealand and therefore came with a GST module already tested and proven. We are very happy with how the software performs and we would be lost without it, especially when it comes to preparing the end-of-year reporting for IATA. Of particular value to us is the product support and we cannot speak highly enough of the support provided by Noel and his team in Sydney, simply outstanding! Of additional value is the fact that the partnering company is in New Zealand and the time difference allows us to get support, if needed, up to two hours before our normal opening time. Thank you Travelog!!
Thanks also to Noel French & Associates, Travelog’s sister company for their tremendous support preparing our Year End Statutory Accounts and Annual Financial Review for IATA."
Bob & Cathy Schroder – Partners



"Thank you Travelog, your services are great. The system is good and really helpful covering the front and the back office in one system. It also allows me to run two offices at the same time in two different states. The updates are regular and the support we get from you at all times is really excellent."
Freddy Mikhael – Director