Appendix B - Back office expense accounting

Back office expense accounting

In the Codes Maintenance area you must create up a Supplier code for these Expenses. Please note: You must use the exact Code EXPENSES in order for this to work.

Click on: Accounting | Codes | Codes Maintenance

Create a new Creditor Code for Relevant Creditor through Creditors Maintenance.

Click on: Accounting | Creditors Ledger | Creditors Maintenance

Enter your expenses in the NON-BSP Return Entry Area. Users can allocate their own document number in this area (eg; invoice or bill reference number). The document Type selected must be ‘Admin’ which will default supplier code to EXPENSES.

Choose the relevant General Ledger and Creditor Codes.

If using an Agency Credit card the Form of Payment AGENCY CREDIT CARD can be used. For additional information on this please refer to Agency Credit Card instructions.

Items posted against this creditor can be seen in the Creditors Trial Balance at any time and can be paid out from the system using the Non-BSP Supplier Return in the Back Office (for further details refer to your Back Office Manual).

NOTE: Supplier names can now also be changed in the above Matching Window by using the drop-down field found when clicking into the Principal box.